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It is no secret that Picton Social is dedicated to sustainable practices and we continue to look for ways that we can put planet earth first. It was important to us, since taking over Picton Social in February of 2020, that where possible, we would implement environmentally friendly practices into the every day running of the cafe.

Some of the areas we have done this include:


Sustainable disposal of food scraps.
(how lucky are these chickens?)

Coffee Grounds.JPG

We compost and recycle our coffee grounds.

Our cooking oil is collected and reused to make biodiesel.


Even the toilet paper we use is environmentally friendly.


Our sustainable practices have seen us become a proud member of Responsible Cafes.


We sell Keep Cups! Customers receive a free coffee with every purchase.
(50c off every coffee when you bring your Keep Cup.)

For customers who like to dine in but use take-away cups, we now have Huskee Cups.

Huskee Cup.png

All 10c bottles and cans go to the local AFL club for recycling and they get to keep the money!

Cans & Bottles.png
Furit Juce & Fruit Waste.jpeg

We compost all fruit waste from our freshly squeezed juices.

We recycle all of our milk cartons and use them as take-away coffee trays.

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