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The Artist's Wall

The Artist's Wall is a space we have dedicated to both established and up-and-coming artists in our community.

Each month Picton Social features a new artist's artwork which can be admired while enjoying our great food and great coffee. It can also be purchased directly from the cafe. 

If you are an artist looking to showcase your masterpieces and would love to gain a little more exposure, simply contact us via email - we are always on the lookout for new artists.  

Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month - February 2024

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Featuring in the month of February is local artist

Kylie D'amico


Ky’s artform is a mix of abstract art and printmaking techniques. It exemplifies the ever-evolving nature of the art world. These two dynamic and captivating forms of artistic personal expression push the boundaries of creativity and imagination. Ky uses visual language of emotions and ideas and takes the viewer on a journey beyond the confines of the recognizable world. It celebrates the power and beauty of vibrant colours, formless shapes and lines to express emotions, provoke thoughts, and challenge perceptions. She breaks free from traditional representational forms, allowing her innermost thoughts and visions to manifest with unparalleled freedom. Each brushstroke or mark becomes a unique exploration of Ky’s inner world, inviting viewers to interpret, connect, and find their own meaning within the abstraction.

Ky invites us to explore the vast spectrum of human innovation and experimentation and to appreciate the boundless possibilities of artistic exploration. Her form of art continues to inspire and capture the essence and openness of the human spirit. Her process involves creating a single, exclusive print that cannot be replicated, making each work a true collector’s gem.

Jess Hutchison - Artist

Since introducing The Artist's Wall, many of our patrons have been treated to pieces by the ever so talented Jess Hutchison. Jess' artwork is a permanent fixture in the cafe. Her bright and colourful prints adorn our bar area and have been very popular amongst our customers. All Jess Hutchison art on display in the cafe is available for purchase, inclusive of frame. 

A little bit about Jess 

Jess Hutchison is a self-taught artist based on the South Coast of NSW. She grew up in the Illawarra and now resides in the Shoalhaven.

Inspired by her surroundings, and with a deep love of colour, her vibrant artworks feature some of Australia's most colourful flora and fauna. She paints in a unique style that blends realism with quirky, loose and colourful lines - and she adds her signature linework eye detailing to most of her birds (a throwback to her make-up artistry background).


Working primarily with acrylic and Posca markers on canvas, she hopes to create a connection and evoke a sense of calm and happiness through her art.



Instagram: @jesshutchison_art

Facebook: Jesshutchisonart


Fairies by Suzi-o

Suzi has been a resident of Picton for nearly 25years. Her background was in office work, publicity and Insurance, however, her real love was in art. In her spare time she was either drawing, painting, writing or baking. Anything to release her creative side.


About 5 years ago she began to use her vivid imagination to create fairies. Her fairies are unique because they are all one of a kind!

Suzi only makes originals. Never two the same!

All her fairies are recorded, tagged, named and photographed, and they are all handmade by her. She loves to use recycled materials. All fairies come in different sizes too.

She also dabbles in felting and makes the odd little creature! 


A few fairies are on display at Picton Social so pop down and have a look and support small businesses in the Wollondilly.

Suzi is happy to take orders, so get in touch for a unique and original gift that will last a life time.


Instagram: @fairiesbysuzio

Facebook: Fairies by Suzi O

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